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 Something Phishy This Way Comes... 

On a night of gambling, Bobby Deltoid is interrupted by an emergency distress signal from his beloved car. Big surprise: It's being jacked. He soon learns, however, that more than mere grand theft auto is afoot. Millions of his dollars have been lost in illicit purchases made in his name. Worse, the guilty parties are perhaps not as guilty as they first appear.

He's been phished.

Rather than simply taking the hit like some hapless civ, Deltoya embarks on a night of violence and retribution, making examples of those who contributed to the intimate crime of which he is the victim.

The stakes, now, are higher than in any back room poker game. He's playing for his very identity.

Get Hooked: Gone Phishing 

* * *

Typing this story was slightly weird - not big weird, but the little weird of a missed detail to which one has grown accustomed and therefore notices the absence of whilst simultaneously being unable to identify it.

In this case the detail turned out to be, during the time I spent typing it out, the squiggly red line under words that the dictionary shouldn’t recognise. The word “phish” and every derivation thereof didn’t come up in my word processor’s hit list, and therefore got to swim in the public vocabulary pool with all the other words. “Virtua” “ZoneSec” and many, many other terms integral to the mythos are an ongoing battle against which my only weapons are “Add to Dictionary” and “Ignore all”. The term “phisher”, which appears many times in this story, wasn’t among them, even though some part of my subconscious seemed to think it should’ve been.

It makes sense, I suppose, since phishing is a real goddamn thing, and the makers of the dictionaries used by the linguistic departments of word processor manufacturers need to contain it. It’s just a subtle sign of an expanding influence of cyberspace (and cyber-crime) on our world I suppose. Funny how even a nasty concept like phishing can illustrate that.

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

~Sir Pencilot

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